The student team of our school majoring in Chinese International Education won the title of Chinese Teaching "Star of Outlook" in the East China Area of ??the "2022 Chinese Education Association of Talents"

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On October 30th, the 2022 "Chinese Language Education Talents Association" East China Area International Chinese Teaching Skills Exchange Event came to a successful conclusion. The team of students majoring in International Chinese Education from the School of Language and Culture (School of International Exchange) stood out among 62 teams from 49 colleges and universities in the East China area, and was successfully shortlisted for the online exchange list of international Chinese language teaching skills in the East China area. title. This activity is the first time for our students majoring in international Chinese education to participate in the activity. Associate Professor Weng Xiaoling, director of the Teaching and Research Section, is the instructor, and five undergraduates are Dong Yihe, Wang Yiyin, Song Yuxin, Huang Siting, and Li Tianjiao.

The "Chinese Language Teaching Talents Association" is jointly organized by the Center for Language Exchange and Cooperation of the Ministry of Education and the National Graduate Education Steering Committee for Teaching Chinese to Speakers of Other Languages. This year, more than 200 teams of teachers and students from six regions across the country have signed up to participate. The School of Language and Culture (School of International Exchange) attaches great importance to it. Under the leadership of Professor Weng Xiaoling, five undergraduates majoring in international Chinese education were named "Shang De Zheng Hao Team" -- by using homonyms to integrate the name of our school, the team name reflects the determination of the team members to try to impart Chinese knowledge and culture with wonderful classrooms.

The "Chinese Language Education Talents Association" aims to promote the high-quality development of international Chinese language education. Representatives of our teachers and students hope to take this opportunity to compete with outstanding teams from all over the country and make increasing progression in the field of international Chinese education.

School of Language and Culture (School of International Exchange)

October 31, 2022

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