Students of our University Won the Special Prize in National English Reading Competition in Shanghai Division of the 2022 “Foreign Language Research Institute ‘National Talent Cup’”

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From November 5th to 6th, the finals of the 2022 Foreign Research Institute ‘National Talent Cup’ -National English Writing, Reading and Speech Contest in Shanghai Division were grandly held. More than 170 school competition winners from 31 colleges and universities in Shanghai entered the fierce competition in the final. Chen Ying, a translation major in the class of 2020 from the School of Language and Culture (School of International Exchange) of our school, won the Grand Prize in the Shanghai Finals of the Reading Competition under the guidance of Ms. Fan Xiangping and will, with two other Grand Prize winners from Tongji University and Shanghai Jiao Tong University, represent Shanghai to participate in the national finals.

In addition to the Grand Prize in the Reading Final, our students have won a number of awards in the finals of English Writing, Reading and Speech Contest. Among them, Chen Ying (School of Language and Culture) won the second prize in the speech final; Wang Qingxin (School of International Economics and Law) won the second prize in the reading final; Wan Siqi (School of Law), Li Xuanqin ( School of Shanghai Documentary), Wang Yuyi (School of Shanghai Documentary ) won the third prize in the writing final. Teachers including Fan Xiangping, Zhang Ping, Zhang Xiaoli, Cao Liqun, Geng Lian from the School of Language and Culture, and Zhou Ting from the SCO Training Base won the honorary titles of Excellent Instructors.

FLTR Press National Talent Cup National English Challenge Competition is a large-scale, wide-ranging, high-standard and influential national English competition integrating speech, writing and reading. With its authority, academics and professionalism, the competition has been selected for five consecutive years since 2018 into the ranking list of “Innovative Talents Cultivation and Discipline Competition in Chinese Universities issued by the Higher Education Association of the Ministry of Education, and has become an important indicator to evaluate the ability of college discipline competition of double first-class universities.

In the future, the School of Language and Culture (School of International Exchange) will continue to select and train more students to participate in national English competitions, promote learning and teaching through competitions, strive to improve the English level of our students, and truly serve the cultivation of application-oriented outstanding foreign-related legal talents.


School of Language and Culture (School of International Exchange)


November 7, 2022

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