Associate Professor Weng Xiaoling led Students to Participate in the 2022 Annual Academic Meeting of the Chinese Rhetoric Society and Made an Academic Report

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From November 12th to 13th, Associate Professor Weng Xiaoling from the School of Language and Culture (School of International Exchange) and other three students of our school, Wang Rongrong, Shen Lei and Wu Yan, were invited to participate in the 2022 Academic Annual Meeting of the Chinese Rhetoric Society (“Global Dialogue and Contemporary Rhetoric” Online), and Professor Weng gave an academic report entitled Study on the Language Landscape of Store Names and Signboards in Shanghai Commercial Districts -- Taking Nanjing East Road and Chenghuang Temple as Examples, and received a great response.

At the meeting, Associate Professor Weng Xiaoling and the student team focused on the theme of Study on the Language Landscape of Store Name Signboards in Shanghai Commercial Districts, took Nanjing East Road and the Chenghuang Temple area as examples, conducted their discussion from the language code distribution, code features and special code functions of store name signs. The discussion will focus on the characteristics of the integration of tradition and modernity in the language landscape of store names and signs in Shanghai's commercial districts, as well as the language power and identity reflected behind them. Scholars participating in the conference spoke freely, carried out academic exchanges around rhetoric, and sparked new ideological thoughts.

The Chinese Rhetoric Society is the first academic society dedicated to the study of language use in Chinese linguistics. The annual academic conference was hosted by the Chinese Rhetoric Society and organized by the School of Translations of Shandong University. Nearly 300 people attended the conference. A total of 13 experts made keynote reports, 147 scholars made sub-forum keynote speeches, and 5 CSSCI journal editors and some prestigious experts participated. Editor-in-chief forum speech.


School of Language and Culture (School of International Exchange)


November 14, 2022

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