Leader Oration

Shanghai University of Political Science and Law is located in the beautiful Sheshan National Tourist Resort, covering an area of more than 1,000 acres, and is known as the garden university at the north foot of Sheshan Mountain. It was founded in 1984, which was formerly known as Shanghai Institute of Political and Legal Administration, Shanghai Law College and Shanghai University Law School. It started to recruit general undergraduate students in 1993 and master students in 1998. In September 2004, the Shanghai Municipal People's Government approved the establishment of the Shanghai University of Political Science and Law as an independent undergraduate institution. In November 2014, the university was transferred to be managed by Shanghai Municipal Education Commission, and jointly built by Shanghai Municipal Education Commission and Shanghai Municipal Bureau of Justice. In order to realize the zero-distance cooperation between the industry and the university in talent cultivation, and to meet the demand for comprehensive talent cultivation direction to match the industry, the School of Policing Studies of Shanghai University of Political Science and Law was established by the Shanghai Municipal Bureau of Justice and Shanghai University of Political Science and Law.


As the first school in China to train talents of multiple police types for public security, prosecution, court and judicial administration systems, and to fully align with the standard features of international police science professional construction, the School of Policing trains local judicial administration police personnel for Shanghai, foreign-related police masters for the whole country, and overseas security talents for the whole world. As the window school of Shanghai University of Political Science and Law to promote the reform of the management of the second-level schools, as well as the co-construction school of Shanghai Municipal Bureau of Justice, combined with our comprehensive educational level, educational characteristics, and the talent training objectives and the actual schooling of undergraduate penology major, the School of Police adheres to the rooted in judicial administration, facing the political and legal system, serving social governance, and strengthens order-based training with the basic idea of dovetailing with industry demand, highlighting police characteristics and based on practical teaching. The school intends to promote the two-way posting mechanism, accepting police officers from practical departments to serve as vice presidents of police management, while encouraging teachers to serve in prisons, drug rehabilitation, community corrections, public security and other practical departments to achieve the scientific law enforcement, scientific management of our political and legal police.


The faculty of the school is strong, with an optimized structure and a reasonable echelon, and has a faculty with solid professional theoretical skills, close contact with domestic and international practice, and rich teaching experience and international vision. There are more than 20 faculty members, and more than ten full-time teachers. More than half of them have the qualification of doctoral supervisor or master's supervisor, including 2 Morning Glory Scholars and 2 Aurora Scholars. The school has employed police officers within the scope of the city's political and legal system as part-time professors of our school's external practical training base expert talent pool, using lectures and specific courses to enrich the content of professional theoretical teaching and meet the special needs of practical training teaching.


The school always takes talent cultivation as the primary task, actively carries out education and teaching reform, constantly improves and perfects the enrollment and selection mode of undergraduate students, vigorously explores new directions of professional postgraduate education and teaching, creates an excellent nurturing environment and explores the cultivation mode of top innovative talents. The quality of talent cultivation is significantly improved, and an increasing number of outstanding students and alumni stand out. The school attaches great importance to practical teaching and the construction of off-campus practical teaching bases, which has formed extensive industry-academia cooperation relationship with major key units in various professional fields and the same industry. On the basis of consolidating the education level and improving the education quality of the original internship bases, the school has further added 16 practice internship bases including prisons, labor camps, courts, procuratorates and other units. As for the construction of practical training laboratories, on the basis of the original mock court and criminal investigation laboratories, new professional laboratories and practical training facilities such as criminal trace extraction laboratory, criminal trace comparison laboratory, criminal psychological counseling and correction laboratory, prison environment simulation practical training room, prison monitoring practical training room, simulated prison room, simulated crime scene and simulated finance room have been built.


The School of Policing of Shanghai University of Political Science and Law has a broad space for development! We will always take talent cultivation and scientific research as our responsibility, and aim to cultivate high quality talents to meet the development needs of the industry. We will actively cooperate with colleagues from the same industry and other professions at home and abroad, promote multidisciplinary crossover and exchange, strive to build a police personnel training exchange and cooperation center with domestic first-class level, and build a good platform for China's policing management and police teaching to integrate into the international arena.


The School of Policing of Shanghai University of Political Science and Law sincerely welcomes outstanding scholars from home and abroad to join us, and aspiring domestic and international students to apply for us!

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