College Introduction:

Shanghai University of Political Science and Law lands in Shanghai Sheshan National Tourist Resort which has its wonderful scenery,covers more than 667 hectares and is called as the Garden College North under Sheshan.Our school was first built in 1984,coming from Shanghai Administrative Cadre College of Politics and Law,Shanghai Law College and the Law School of Shanghai University.We began to take in undergraduates since 1993 and postgraduates since 1998.In June 2004,Shanghai Municipal Government authorized Shanghai University of Political Science and Law to be an individual college for undergraduates.In November 2014, our school came to be in the administration of the Shanghai Municipal Education Commission and was sustained by the Shanghai Education Commission and the Shanghai Bureau of Justice. In order to achieve the instant cooperation between the industry and universities in talent training and to meet the needs of the project of talent training orientation at the same time, the School of Policing Studies of Shanghai University of Political Science and Law was jointly established by Shanghai Municipal Bureau of Justice and Shanghai University of Political Science and Law.


Part one   College Profile

The School of Policing Studies(SOPS), as the first secondary college (head office level) of universities named after Policing Studies in China, has its three outstanding characteristics.Firstly,in order to achieve the instant cooperation between the vocations and universities in talent training,our college is jointly built by Shanghai Municipal Bureau of Justice and Shanghai University of Political Science and Law.And directions of talents’ training meets the needs of different industries entirely.Secondly, the college has established a synchronic training mechanism for talent developing of more types of police.We provide academic education and post job training for police officers in the judicial administration system,in the court and protectorate system and just police officers themselves.Moreover,such multi policing talent developing mode is the only one in China.The third one is the simultaneous training of police professional talents and policing type of talents.With the traditional order based on training systems for police officers,the college also serves the national strategy of the the Belt and Road and gives overseas security police talents to many countries and multinational companies.

As a window college for Shanghai University of Political Science and Law to promote the management reform of secondary colleges, it is also a co-founded college with the Shanghai Bureau of Justice. In the combination of our complex school running level, school running characteristics, and the talent training goal and school running reality of the undergraduate prison science major, the Police College insists on the school running orientation of taking strong roots in judicial administration, facing to the political science and law system,serving to social governance,and the basic school strategy asmeeting the needs of the industry, highlighting the characteristics of the police, and basing on practical teaching. On the basis of the above principles,our college is promoting the both vocations mechanism,to accept the deputy director of the police management of the practical department, and to encourage teachers to take temporary duty in prison, drug treatment, community correction, public security system and other practical departments.



Part Two   Talent Developing

SOPS mainly develop policing talents from five aspects: first, it features the pilot class of the national political and legal police recruitment and training system of the National Political and Legal Commission.The second is recovering the cooperation with the judicial administration system of Shanghai to carry out the reform project of the recruitment and training system of Shanghai prison system and basis police officers of drug rehabilitation, so as to develop police officers with a secondary degree in prison science and a master degree of law (prison science direction).Third,we give out undergraduate graduates of prison science and law (community correction direction) relying on the standardized and convenient police admission mechanism.And the fourth, we will carry out a comprehensive revolution project for police masters to provide on-the-job master of law education for those in public security system and judicial administration departments. The last point is to promote the development of the professional talent training mechanism of public security science (criminal science and technology, foreign-related police affairs, etc.) of our university from the national, local and college three aspects.In a word, after our School of Policing Studies going back on the right track, the number of talent developing is about 400 people every year, and the total number of police cadets and graduate students in the Academy is about 1100.



Part Three   Strong Teaching Resources

In order to further improve the training quality of application-oriented talents, the Police College will focus on building a double qualified teaching staff with the same emphasis on theory and practice. The college takes out the teaching type of full-time teachers with practical police officers. Firstly, in the School of Policing Study, a professional teaching team with reasonable professional title structure, educational background structure, age structure and other aspects should be built in prison science, community correction, drug rehabilitation and criminal science and technology.Then,making full use of the teachers of common colleges and the Shanghai Cooperation Training Basement to improve the teaching theory level and discipline comprehensiveness of the School of Policing Study.Third, in order to meet the needs of practical training and teaching, police officers were employed as part-time professors in the expert talent pool of our off campus practical training base within the city's political and legal system. Lectures, specific courses and other forms were used to enrich the content of professional theory teaching and meet the special needs of practical teaching.

On the training of featured young teachers, attach importance to the professional training of young teachers, and strive to provide a platform for young teachers to improve their professional level. Every year, 2-3 teachers will be sent to prison, public security, pro curatorial and other political and legal units for temporary training and research in a planned way to constantly enrich the classroom teaching content. At the same time, we will implement a training program for young teachers, and send young teachers to relevant colleges and universities for further study.



Part Four   Projects Setting on teaching

The School of Policing Study will continue to deepen the development and creation of the discipline of criminal execution (prison science, community correction, drug rehabilitation) on the basis of the national characteristic specialty, education highland and plateau discipline of prison science, and further determine the leading position of our prison science in the country through running journals, holding meetings and other ways. At the same time, relying on the cultivation of the direction of investigation in prison, we will further develop criminal science and technology (engineering), foreign-related police and other characteristic disciplines, and create a judicial expertise center to provide relevant services for the society.

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