SHUPL Successfully Hosted the 12th Moot Shanghai

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From March 21 to 25, Moot Shanghai 2022 was successfully held online, hosted by East China University of Political Science and Law (ECUPL) and Shanghai University of Political Science and Law (SHUPL), and co-sponsored by Shanghai Arbitration Commission (SHAC) and Shanghai International Arbitration Center (SHIAC).


SHUPL has hosted Moot Shanghai for 12 years in a row, and has received the full support of the United Nations Commission on International Trade Law Regional Center for Asia and the Pacific, Shanghai Bar Association, Moot Alumni Association, Hong Kong International Arbitration Centre, International Court of Arbitration, Singapore International Arbitration Centre, Korean Commercial Arbitration Board, and joint effort from 15 law firms from domestic and overseas. The event attracted nearly 400 outstanding law students from 19 countries around the world.


SHUPL attaches great importance to this year's event. The School of International Law sent out one team to participate in the competition and also selected volunteers to ensure the success of the event. The team from SHUPL performed well in the regular competition and was ranked among the top 16 of Moot Shanghai 2022 together with other world-renowned universities such as the National University of Singapore, University of Sydney, and Shanghai Jiaotong University. The departments, management and professional faculty team of SHUPL provided sufficient guarantee for the smooth running of the event.


At the closing ceremony, Liu Xiaohong, President of SHUPL, delivered a speech. She pointed out that 2022 is the 12th year of Moot Shanghai, which is also the third year of hosting the event online. Moot Shanghai provides an opportunity for law schools from all over the world to search for a new talent training mode in the context of COVID-19. It also provides a high-quality platform to do practice for law students from home and abroad. The event is also expected to contribute to the internationalization of China’s commercial arbitration. As a university that insists on cultivating legal talent to meet the needs of society, SHUPL is willing to conduct extensive and in-depth communication with legal professionals from all over the world.

Over the past 12 years, Moot Shanghai has witnessed the growth of law students around the world. In the practice, young students from different countries, cultural backgrounds and legal systems compete on the same stage. We also have judges to patiently comment on the teams and share their experiences with the participants. Moot Shanghai was awarded the Special Contribution Award at the first Arbitration Credibility Forum. The advanced development concept of professionalism, internationalization and diversity of the event have brought continuous attention from Shanghai and the global legal community.

As the host of Moot Shanghai, SHUPL has long adhered to the internationalization of teaching and researching and has been trying to push the innovation of training modes for foreign-related legal talents from all aspects. The success of Moot Shanghai not only tested the initial results of SHUPL in training foreign-related legal talents, but also provided a broad platform for cultivating comprehensive professionals with a global perspective, knowledge of international rules and international vision. (Written by LIU Ling and photographed by REN Mingchen)

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