The School of Marxism was Founded in 2011, from our university's Public Foundation Department and the Social Sciences Department, which is one of the departments of Shanghai University of Political Science and Law with a long history. Also it is a construction unit of Shanghai model Marxist School.

   The School of Marxism has five teaching and research Departments: ideological and political education Department, Marxist basic principles Department, Sinicized Marxism Department, modern Chinese history Department, situation and policy Department. An undergraduate major: ideological and political education. A research center: Chinese Marxism Research Center. A school-level key discipline: the study of Sinicized Marxism.

The School of Marxism is mainly responsible for the education, teaching and management of the ideological and political theory courses and ideological and political education majors. It has a master's degree in Marxist theory and the theory and practice of Chinese Characteristics Socialist law, pre-graduates from ethnic minorities.

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