The School of Economics and Management adheres to the philosophy of “the combination of legal and business and trains innovative versatile talents and applied talents who have a solid theoretical foundation of economics and management and some relevant legal knowledge and can adapt to the needs of modern market economy development.

The school was established in 2004. The school now has seven undergraduate majors: economics, international economics and trade, business administration, financial management, auditing, economics and finance, and taxation. There are 55 teachers, including 8 professors, 16 associate professors, 18 lecturers, and 80% of teachers have doctoral degrees. The school's teachers have outstanding scientific research capabilities and have more than 300 high-level scientific research achievements. They have two research centers, “Law and Economy” and “Securities and Futures”.

The school attaches great importance to the cultivation of students' practical ability, innovative ability and social adaptability. The combination of legal and business characteristics is obvious, and the characteristics of diversified practice teaching are outstanding. The school has established 6 comprehensive exhibitions covering international trade training room, management sand table mode training room, accounting and financial simulation training room, human resource management simulation training room, economic management comprehensive training room, financial and taxation simulation training room, etc. The laboratory has opened up 35 school-enterprise cooperative practice teaching bases such as Yu Garden Mall, Qingpu Industrial Park and Outlets, and formed a diversified practical teaching including a combination of in-class and out-of-class, in-class and out-of-class, guiding practice and autonomous practice system.

The “CEO Series Course” jointly established by the school and the senior management of the company, the “ACCA Program Course” jointly established with the International Banking Financial College, Shanghai University of Finance and Economics , and the “3+1.5 Master Program” opened in cooperation with the French Rennes Business School. These special project platforms have created favorable conditions for students to improve their employment competitiveness and further study abroad.

In recent years, 200 students have won the “National College Students Mathematical Modeling Competition”, “National Foreign Trade Documentary Skills Competition”, “National University Student Accounting Information Skills Competition”, “National College Student Sandbox Simulation Competition” and other national and Shanghai-level competitions. More than 50 students have published academic papers or participated in international and domestic academic conferences in academic journals. The employment rate of graduates is the best in the various schools in this university.

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