School of International Law was officially inaugurated in 1993. Currently there are three research offices regarding international economic law, international public law ,international private law and one international law research center. Besides, there are two bachelor degree programs and one undergraduate education program with a total of 1137 students. These programs are led by a professional and rich-experienced lecturer team, consisting of 19 lecturers, among which are 18 lecturers with PhD Degree (2 of them graduate from well-known university in foreign countries) and 9 lecturers with long or short-term visiting experience in foreign countries. This lecturer team is backboned by professors and associate professors and young lecturers with international background. We have one lecturer awarded Pujiang Scholar, one lecturer awarded Chenguang Scholar and another one lecturer awarded Young Orient Scholar.

Thanks to the great efforts of the team, we have completed and are completing more than 20 research topics assigned from China’s Philosophy Association, Ministry of Education, Ministry of Judiciary and some provinces. Besides, we have published more than 30 papers and books in international law field and around 100 papers in SSCI and therefore awarded several prizes on state and provincial level

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