The School of Economic Law was officially inaugurated in 1986. Built upon the SHUPL motto, the School of Economic Law has made great strides academically in strengthening students’excellence, integrity and social contribution. In 2015, the Silk Road Lawyering Institute was established. Today, the School of Economic Law offers a 4-year Bachelor of Law program, a two 2-year Master of Law programs, a 2-year Juris Doctor program, and a 2-year Master of Jurisprudence program. Undergraduate students can choose an area of concentration from the following two tracks: Economic Law and the Silk Road Lawyering Honors Pilot Program. Postgraduate students can choose an area of proficiency from the following two tracks: Economic Law and Environmental Law.

The School of Economic Law has over 34 full time academic staff, including 9 professors and 11 associate professors. It has four departments, the Department of Economic Law, the Department of Environmental Law, the Department of Intellectual Property Law, and the Department of Financial Law; it also runs seven affiliated research centers, the Center for Economic Law, the Center for Environmental Law, the Center for Legislative Development, the Center for Intellectual Property, the Center for Technology Law, the Center for Life Science Law, and the Center for Competition Law.

Our faculty members are recognized experts in fields across law, including in economic law, environmental law, intellectual property, financial law, tax law, information law, labor and social security law, life science law, and the laws of sea. Members in the Department of Environmental law, Economic law, and Tax law have been conferred the honor of Research Fellows by the Shanghai Municipal Education Commission. Particularly, environmental law was selected tothe distinguished curriculum enrichment program of the Shanghai Gaoyuan Grants, economic law the core curriculum, and tax law the substantive curriculum, respectively.

Four members of the School of Economic Law have been awarded the Shanghai Pujiang Grants, 4 Shanghai Shuguang Scholars, and 2 Shanghai Chenguang Scholars, respectively. One faculty member has been named the Counseling Experts for the Ministry of Land and Natural Resources, and two faculty staff have been selected to the Shanghai's Top Ten Junior Legal Scholars for their academic achievement. Two faculty members have been awarded the National Baogang Outstanding Teacher Award for excellence in teaching. Members of the School of Economic Law also take leadership role in public services as chairs, presidents, or chancellors of legal societies and organizations. 

In recent years, members of the School of Economic Law have been prolific in publications, presentations and national awards for their academic endeavors. They have produced over 100 journal publications, conference papers, translated books, and textbooks. The School of Economic Law has also formed a longstanding partnership with many world-renowned universities and institutions. Faculty staff and students are encouraged to participate in various academic exchange, research, and community engagement programs.

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