With a history traced back to 1984, the university developed from three institutions: Shanghai Administrative Institute of Politics and Law, Shanghai Judicial College and Shanghai University Law school. The university initiated its undergraduate programs in 1993, and master’s degree programs in 1998. In September 2004, Shanghai Municipal Government approved the establishment of Shanghai University of Political Science and Law and gave it the status of an independent university. In November 2014, Shanghai Municipal Education Commission became the university’s supervising authority, and the university has since been operated by Shanghai Municipal Education Commission and Shanghai Municipal Bureau of Justice. In 1956, Ministry of Justice established a law school in Shanghai, which was closed in 1960. In 1982, the administrative system was restored. Shanghai Judicial School and Shanghai Judicial Cadre School were established, and a management system of one group and two brands was implemented. In 2008, the whole system of Shanghai Judicial School was incorporated into Shanghai University of Political Science and Law.

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